• Black Forest Woodworker
  • Classic Pathfinder
  • Vario 2000 - Heavy Log Splitter
  • Tasmania Timber Sport Axe
  • TOP Line - Lucas Splitting Axe











    Premium Leather Sheaths Included With Select Axe Purchases!


    Our genuine leather sheaths are included with all Traditional, Vario 2000, Classic, and TOP Line axes. Each sheath is handmade in the USA from quality saddle leather, and stamped with the Helko North America logo. Sheaths may also be purchased individually from the Accessories page.




    1 Oz. Bottle Of Axe-Guard Included With Every Axe Purchase!


    A complimentary 1 oz. container of our "Axe-Guard" protective oil is included with every axe order at no additional charge. Axe-Guard is a highly effective protective lubricant specially formulated for Helko North America by Slip 2000. The oil creates an impermeable moisture barrier, preventing the formation of rust and keeping the axe head in prime condition.


    Located in the town of Wuppertal, in one of Germany's famous sword and knife making regions, the Helko-Werk company has been manufacturing precision edge cutting tools for over 170 years. In that time, the Helko name has become synonymous with quality, reliability, and exceptional customer service. Helko is now one of the largest axe manufacturers in Europe, and exports axes to more than 40 countries around the world.

    Helko axes embody the pinnacle of German manufacturing excellence - combining centuries of forging experience with modern crafting methods. Please take some time to browse through these products. Whether you are looking for a dependable tool or a collector's item, we are confident that they will exceed your every expectation.

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